Victorian Alison Jr. Dollhouse

Victorian Alison Jr. Dollhouse. Hi,

I am Nataly and I am 11.

A few weeks ago, an idea came to my head. I've heard so much news about charity donations around the world and I wanted to be part of that, even if my donation was small.

I'm building a dollhouse from the kit to give to our local children's cancer center, just as a small gift and to make the kids happy.

Shown below is the kit we're using, Victorian Alison Jr. dollhouse by RGT.

Though at Lowe's anyone can be lost in a variety of offered paint colors, I carried an idea in my mind to paint the house in soft pastel color.
We've just started doing a little bit of painting, and tomorrow I will be picking the wallpaper. 

Have a good day/night! :^) Nataly